Activities for children

Some interesting and enjoyable activities for younger walkers …


Mrs Booth’s Fascinating Finds

Artist and designer Judith Booth has created three amazing Fascinating Finds sheets for children to use as they explore our beautiful countryside.

Each one highlights different birds, plants and animals you may spot while on a walk. Print them out, take them with you and have fun!

There are three separate sheets to download – Birds, Trees and Seashore.

Birds (PDF, 316 KB)

Trees (PDF, 416 KB)

Seashore (PDF, 299 KB)


Orienteering on a ‘virtual’ course

First, download the app MapRun6 – then test yourself with the Postbox Challenge, set in any of 12 East Lothian towns.

Designed by the Outdoor Learning Service, part of East Lothian Council, this is a fun way to explore while learning about maps and your local neighbourhood.

See the web page below for details.

Note: the web page refers to MapRunF – an earlier version of the app, but the procedure is exactly the same.

Find out about MapRun6 …

And about orienteering in East Lothian …


Turf (not wars)

Have you played Turf yet? Described as a combination of orienteering and gaming, and likened to Pokemon Go or Ingress, it’s a game that is rapidly rising in popularity in Scandinavia (it was created in Sweden) and the UK.

Turf players collect points by capturing virtual zones identified through the app using GPS enables smartphones. Players hold onto these zones until another player takes them over. Most players move between zones by foot or bike, so it’s a great way to build up your exercise.

Games are free to play and are played in rounds lasting a month or so, with high scores ranked on a leaderboard.