August 24th to September 1st, 2024

Walking routes

Newhailes and Fisherrow loop


Start and finish : Fisherrow Harbour

Length : 6 km / 4 miles

Short-to-medium distance walk on good surfaces

Starting at Fisherrow Harbour, the route follows the John Muir Way east along the coast before turning up and criss-crossing the River Esk, visiting the famous Musselburgh Archer on the way.

Passing through the wee streets and lanes at Stoneyhill, it enters the estate at Newhailes, a National Trust house and garden slowly being restored. Look out for notices with information on what’s new at the entrance.

The route goes through the grounds before emerging back on the John Muir Way. Take care crossing the busy road and follow the Way back to Fisherrow Harbour.


Refreshments and toilets are available at Fisherrow Harbour, in Musselburgh town centre and at Newhailes.


The path is mostly paved and step free.

Getting here

Getting to Fisherrow Harbour is easy by bus.